Oil Field Division

EMI designs and fabricates cable management systems for customer-specific applications. Our design team has been working alongside our clients since 1991, providing new solutions to the challenges facing a dynamic industry.  Our stainless steel drag chains are the best and most reliable in the industry.

Land-based skidding units can be supplied as turnkey packages integrating all cables and connectors, allowing for plug-and-play operations that vastly reduce setup times. Additionally, these systems offer protection from damage and security against theft. Our cable systems are the preferred method to handle and protect cables in the most efficient and controlled manner. 

Other products, designed and marketed to the oil industry include: cable trays, junction boxes, festoon systems, articulating arms, and a wide variety of structural components well-suited for harsh and demanding environments.

Telecommunications Division

Electro-Mechanical Industries, Inc.’s telecom division was created because of the need for cable entry systems and equipment that are watertight and airtight. We provide the most modern portal entry systems designed to insure that our customers’ shelters and cabinets have protection from water penetration, insects and the elements.

We specialize in comprehensive cable entry systems and all site hardware, including: cable trays, enclosures, Telco doghouse systems, BTS equipment platforms, antenna platforms and tow components. Our patented ICC protects coax and cable connections by weatherproofing those connections from the elements.

A Team of Designers and Engineers

EMI has built a team of solution-finders, engineers with years of experience in oil and gas, telecommunications and other fields, who know the issues facing the industry today, with a depth of knowledge unmatched by any competitor’s.  We hold ourselves to the highest standard for outstanding customer service and the fastest turnaround possible. Our equipment is built for the long haul, with multiple redundancies and safety measures built in, with designs that make for easy installation and low maintenance.  Click here to tell us what you’re looking for and your request will be instantly before our design team and a solution in work.  Or call us today and you will be talking with our best people today.   281-894-1600 or toll free 800-453-0050


OTR or Rail Delivery, Extreme Conditions, Newly Opened Territories :


Fast Setup and Breakdown, Minimal Downtime :


Drag Chains

  • Solutions for all terrains, temperatures, systems and configurations. 
  • Stainless steel, charpy-tested materials.
  • Stainless steel drag chains provide organized cable separation.
  • Sized to accommodate space constraints.
  • No special tools or lubrication required.
  • Can be modified to fit your specifications.

Cable Management Systems (CMS)

  • State of the art solutions for all terrains, temperatures and configurations.
  • Designed to reduce setup time from several days down to just a few hours.
  • Stainless steel or three coat epoxy paint, per your specifications.
  • Connectorized cables for immediate plug and play assembly.
  • Collapsible design for easiest possible transportation. Within most transportation dimension and weight requirements, for over the road, rail or ship.
  • Eliminates the undue stress that can occur when cables are extended without support.
  • Can be modified to fit your specifications.
  • Option for adding cable saddles after installation for additional cable load.
  • Optional covers available for extreme environment conditions.

Industrial Cable Tray

  • Option for adding cable saddles after installation for additional cable load.
  • Optional covers available for extreme environment conditions.


Tele-Com Equipment Cabinets and Telco Boxes

  • High Grade Steel or Aluminum Construction
  • Used With EMI Cable Entry Systems for Greater Protection \
  • Powder Coat Paint to Your Specifications 
  • Cabinets and Boxes Can House MMRs, Hardened Radio Equipment, Telecom Demarcation, Coax Connections Demarcations, Fiber Nodes, and Arrestor Boxes.


Tele-Com Cable Entries, Kits, and Systems

  • Comprehensive systems and all hardware. 
  • The industry’s most trusted portal entry systems. 
  • Protects your shelters and cabinets from water penetration, insects and the elements.
  • Protects your coax and cable connections.
  • Patented.