Cable Weatherproofing & Entry Systems

EMI produces a line of cable weatherproofing and entry systems that can be opened and reused over again without the waste. Fast and easy installation for a watertight seal.

EMI's GR-487-rated entry systems give you a durable, reliable seal that will stand the test of time. Our ICC's are clean and consistent, with no annoying vibrations that sometimes loosen connections. As well, EMI entry kits accommodate all of the major brands. Customized grommets can be made for specialized systems.

325 Pipe or Conduit Sealed Entry System

Weatherproof Entry Systems - 325 Pipe Conduit Sealed Entry System

Designed to seal 2" conduit used for cable protection. Can accommodate several configurations of cables and sizes.

450 Series Panel / Wall Mount Entry Systems

450 Series Panel / Wall Entry System

Designed for wall and cabinet penetrations. Can handle up to a 3" PVC conduit. Grommets available for various cable configurations and sizes. The 450 Series can easily be reopened and easily re-sealed. Experience fast, clean installation.

320 Cabinet Entry System

320 Cabinet Entry System

400 and 450 Series Panel Mount Entry Systems

450 Series Panel Mount Cabinet Entry System

Our 450 and 320 series can be mounted on a panel entry. Multiple configurations and numbers of entries available.