EMI can provide a variety of ELECTRICAL SERVICES including;
Installing Cable, Connectors, Switches and Lighting on Cable Management Systems, Control Cabinets, Motor Control Centers, Radio Cabinets as well as providing the Weatherproofing Systems.

EMI provides STRUCTURAL DESIGN SERVICES for items such as;
Skids, Equipment and Building Platforms, Tanks including Piping, Towers, Stairs, Elevated Walkways and Signal and Light Cantilever Structures and Bridges to name a few.

EMI's FABRICATION SERVICES include a multitude of steel products including;
Skids, Platforms, Buildings, Towers, Tanks, Piping, Concealment Structures, Drag Chains, Antennae Mounts, Cable Tray, Radio Equipment Cases...

EMI can provide FIELD SERVICES to install part or all of our products at the jobsite or in the customer's facility ranging from electrical to steel assembly.

We also provide field surveys to confirm designs for existing facilities on site.