Solar Light Poles

Installs on site in minutes on poles or towers of any diameter. Ring size can be easily customized to meet your power generation, wind loading, mounting, and aesthetic needs. Multiple rings can be installed on a single pole without reducing energy harvest. Configure for AC or DC application. Add battery backup. Modular design allows for omission of one or more panels to accommodate any obstruction.

The VS1 and the structure supporting it qualify for the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit as well as many other state, federal and utility incentives. Costs approaching that of conventional solar installation.

Features of this product:

  • Galvanized and painted structural steel.
  •  Weight per section 75lbs. (standard model)
  • One ring installs in <2hrs
  • New and existing streetlights, roadway lights, parking lot lights, traffic lights, etc can be made into solar energy harvesting systems.
  • Can be used for AC or DC applications.
  • Ideal for Grid tied / net metered solar energy harvesting
  •  Lowers operating expenses and also adds emergency backup power
  • No conduit, wiring or utility costs are required if used in conjunction with battery storage
  • VSS solar rings can be made in much larger sizes providing greater energy harvest potential.
  • Ideal for EV charging stations, car dealerships, parking lots, etc

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