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  • We serve the railroad, oilfield, telecommunication, government, aerospace, wastewater and other industries. We are a design and fabrication company that provides towers for communications and solar applications, platforms for houses and equipment cabinets, structural skids for oilfield applications, cable management systems, drag chains, cabinets and boxes for multiple applications such as DAS and many other products that we have designed.


The EMI family of tower designs range from traditional self-support and guy towers to multi use.

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Skid-mounted for easiest transportation and assembly, with connectorized cables for immediate "Plug and Play" assembly.

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EMI has several foundation designs to work in about any soil condition encountered.

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Drag Chains

Electro-Mechanical Industries offers the best designed and field tested drag chains, made of stainless steel and vibration resistant hardware.

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Custom Engineered Structures

EMI provides engineered structural products for various uses.

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Concealment & Enclosures

EMI designs and produces a variety of products for concealment and noise dampening of telecommunications equipment.

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Cable Weatherproofing & Entry Systems

EMI produces a line of cable weatherproofing and entry systems that can be opened and reused over again without the waste.

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Cable Management Systems

EMI Cable Management Systems are tested, proven and trusted by our many clients in the oil and gas industry.

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EMI has a “ASME Code Stamp UI “

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EMI was founded in 1999 with the vision of providing solutions
to problems encountered in the oil, telecommunications and aerospace industries.

A dedicated design and engineering group compliments and supports each division.


23 Jan

Oil Prices on the Rise

Oil prices spiked to a six-week high as China seeks end of trade dispute.

04 Jan

Positive Train Control Not Yet in Place

A computer-based system designed to prevent train accidents has been ordered by Congress but has been stalled by high costs and ...

31 Dec

5G Networks are Coming Soon

5G Networks are the next generation of mobile and internet connection offering faster speeds and more reliable connections than ever before. ...


We Provide Timely Solutions by Designing Industry Products to Meet Customer Specifications and Needs.