• Message from the CEO

  • March 24, 2020


    To: Electro Mechanical Industries Inc. Valued Customers


    As you may be aware, on Monday, March 23rd, Harris County announced and enacted a ‘stay at home’ order for all Houston and surrounding residents in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). It is apparent, the State of Texas may soon follow. The stay at home or place of residence order becomes effective Wednesday, March 25th and will remain through Friday April 3rd. The order requires all non-essential services and business throughout the state to stop operating for the next ten days.


    Like other communities that have issued ‘stay at home or shelter in place’ orders, the Harris County ‘stay at home’ order means that all businesses and operations in the state, except Essential Businesses and Operations as defined, are required to cease all activities within the County except Minimum Basic Operations. As related to Electro Mechanical Industries, the Order allows individuals to leave their residence to provide any services or perform any work necessary to support Essential Infrastructure which includes; internet, video, and telecommunications systems. In addition, businesses that sell, manufacture or supply Essential Business and Operations with materials or support necessary to operate are exempt from this ‘stay at home’ order. The Government and the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) classify the Communications Sector as essential and an integral component of the U.S. economy, underlying the operations of all businesses, public safety organizations, and government. Presidential Policy Directive 21 further identifies the Communications Sector as critical because it provides an “enabling function” across all critical infrastructure sectors.


    Based upon the designation of Critical Infrastructure Sector as identified by CISA, and in support of the Essential Business and Essential Infrastructure of the Harris County Order, Electro Mechanical Industries’ manufacturing centers will remain open to produce the essential manufactured steel products necessary to support our customer partner service providers and their customers across the United States.


    Electro Mechanical Industries has taken the steps to insure on-time deliveries while maintaining a healthy environment by taking every precaution necessary to mitigate the risk to our employees, their families, our suppliers, and our customers. We have explained to all employees, that we are supporting and following CDC protocol. We are allowing employees to work from home wherever possible. We are also working to minimize any disruptions to our lead time or on-time deliveries by splitting into separate shifts to better allow for proper social distancing. In addition, we actively train and support cross-training of job responsibilities which will allow us to continue the workflow if absenteeism occurs.


    We will continue to monitor the evolving events daily. Should anything change that could have an impact on our ability to fulfill orders, we will immediately make adjustments to quickly adapt to situations as they arise. We are in constant communication with our suppliers and will update our website with information as this situation evolves and updates can be found at www.emiproducts.com.


    While we cannot predict future government actions and how they may impact the ongoing operations of our manufacturing centers, we need to ensure our customers that our supply chain partners recognize their critical role in supporting Electro Mechanical Industries and the Transportations Industry, National Defense and Communications Sector.


    On behalf of our employees and suppliers, thank you in advance for your continued support.


    Fallon M. Egan
    Electro Mechanical Industries, Inc.

  • EngineeredCustom Solutions

  • We serve the railroad, oilfield, telecommunication, government, wastewater and other industries. We are a design and fabrication company that provides towers for communications and solar applications, platforms for houses and equipment cabinets, structural skids for oilfield applications, cable management systems, drag chains, cabinets and boxes for multiple applications such as DAS and many other products that we have designed.


The EMI family of tower designs range from traditional self-support and guy towers to multi use.

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Skid-mounted for easiest transportation and assembly, with connectorized cables for immediate "Plug and Play" assembly.

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EMI has several foundation designs to work in about any soil condition encountered.

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Drag Chains

Electro-Mechanical Industries offers the best designed and field tested drag chains, made of stainless steel and vibration resistant hardware.

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Custom Engineered Structures

EMI provides engineered structural products for various uses.

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Concealment & Enclosures

EMI designs and produces a variety of products for concealment and noise dampening of telecommunications equipment.

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Cable Weatherproofing & Entry Systems

EMI produces a line of cable weatherproofing and entry systems that can be opened and reused over again without the waste.

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Cable Management Systems

EMI Cable Management Systems are tested, proven and trusted by our many clients in the oil and gas industry.

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EMI was founded in 1999 with the vision of providing solutions
to problems encountered in the oil and telecommunications industries.

A dedicated design and engineering group compliments and supports each division.


    We Provide Timely Solutions by Designing Industry Products to Meet Customer Specifications and Needs.