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Design & Engineering

Problem solving is inherent in our company DNA. We understand that every project scope is different, our Design & Engineering department will take your specifications and design a product tailored to your needs by using or modifying components from our modular design systems. Our process is not only cost effective, but it also keeps lead times low.

Our team members hail from various manufacturing and fabricating disciplines, and their collective strength is the ability to understand and anticipate complex, real-world problems in the build, install and maintenance stages of the product lifecycle. At EMI, every project is a total coordinated effort to ensure that we are building with practicality, intelligence and feasibility.

Fabrication and Production

We don’t just build products; we test them thoroughly to ensure they live up to the industry’s high standards and our own rigorous quality checks. Our capabilities are bolstered by state-of-the-art equipment. Our tools include press brakes, laser cutters, robot welders, pipe profilers and more.

Service doesn’t end at delivery. We provide you with complete mastery of your new equipment through post-delivery support that includes user manuals and assembly guides.

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