Union Pacific continues flood battle

Historic flooding in the Midwest has disrupted freight rail service Flooding in the Midwest this Spring has been historic, and rail lines just got in the way of Mother Nature’s powerful stampede. Union Pacific has been working around the

Contractors, railroads battle catastrophic flood damage

BNSF employees and contractors work to restore service as flood waters recede. Photo taken near Louisville, Nebraska along the Platte River on Tuesday, March 19. BNSF photo.Record-setting floods have caused extensive damage to

Railroads slowly getting back on track after Midwest floods

Historic flooding that began on March 15 has wiped out miles of roads and bridges along the Missouri River, especially from eastern Nebraska to western Iowa. Omaha was the largest city to be hit. This part of the country isn’t a big player

Flood Recovery

Widespread flooding across portions of Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri this spring caused major disruptions to BNSF service and operations. Since the first flood-related outages occurred in March, BNSF team members and contractors worked

Nokia, Ericsson, and SK Telecom collaborate on 6G research

Rival vendors Nokia and Ericsson are setting aside their differences and collaborating with SK Telecom on 6G research. The rollout of 5G is just gaining traction but already some are looking at what shape the next generation might take.