helical screw pile
  • 40% more cost effective
    than concrete
  • Install in less than a day
  • Ideal for uneven terrain
  • Patented design

No Site Preparation Needed

We offer helical foundations and extension piers that can be installed in any weather condition, with no site preparation. Compared to concrete caissons, helical foundations offer a cost saving as much as 40%. They work well in poor soil, disaster, and flood prone areas and are an ideal solution for uneven terrain when used with our matching line of pier extensions.

Our helical foundations can be installed in less than a day, with no digging or spoils. They can eliminate a electrical ground halo by attaching ground lug directly to the helical. We offer optional preinstalled Cadweld (exothermic weld) ground wire as well.

We’ve designed our helicals to be installed with a skid-steer loader or mini excavator, using a hydraulic drive head. Our design allows for post-burial leveling and centering adjustment. Our patented design allows them to be compatible with other OEM platforms and pier extensions.

We can further support your installation site with our platforms, towers, equipment mounts or anything else you require. At EMI we provide solutions designed and delivered on time and on budget.

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